About DF Sports & Events

Dominic Fenton

I am the proud owner of DF Sports and Events.

I have been involved in sport all of my life and fully understand how rugby in particular has helped me through my life.

I started playing rugby at Chelmsford at the age of 5 years old and ended my playing career at the age of 41 through injury. I have been involved in coaching since the age of 18 when a friend of mine wanted some help with her age group and playing first team rugby, I felt that if I could help her and inspire these children, it would be my way of giving back.

I am still coaching now as well as involved with management and safeguarding.

Everyone goes through tough times in their lives and mine hasn’t been any different dealing with bullying, redundancy and separation as well as supporting close people with mental health issues.

I have worked with schools and within education since 2001 having been sports officer for a sixth form college, head of sport for an academy trust supporting over 60 schools and also being a full- time rugby coach.

I have supported children and adults who have low self-esteem, experienced bullying, mental health issues and also those that have got caught up in bad situations. Sport and other activities have been the catalyst to them experiencing better times and see a future ahead for them.

It is through all these experiences that DF Sports and Events has begun.


Sports & Activiies

Can help support with Low Self-Esteem, Bully & Mental Health